Bake my day was started in 2015 by Agata Kozlowska. When Ynja moved to Denmark in January 2017, she started looking for jobs as a cake decorator because of her former position at Sætar Syndir, Iceland. She was a full time artist, but wanted a part time job so that she would not have to stress about paying her rent in Copenhagen. So google led her way to Bake my Day. She applied, went for a test, and got the job. But it did not end up actually happening, because Agata wanted a full time employee, and Ynja did not want to take a job over her artist career.

A few months later ...

Ynja received a message from Agata asking if she could help her with a few baking classes. Ynja said yes, and in continuation of that, Ynja got the news that Agata had decided to move to Ireland with her boyfriend, saying goodbye to her little cake shop. Ynja got obsessed with the idea of taking over Bake my Day, and having only just turned 21 years old, she convinced her mother, Ester, to jump straight in with her and buy the brand Bake my Day. A few weeks later she got a positive answer for renting a corner shop at Amager Boulevard 126 - started taking orders in February, and opened a dessert shop front the first of March. With enormous amount of hard work, Bake my Day has gone from two employees to six in less than a year.

The team in Bake my Day

Ynja Mist

Ynja is the founder and CEO of Bake my Day. She is a young artist who accidentally got into the cake world. She moved to Denmark from Iceland in 2017, intending to start her university studies - But her plans quickly changed when she became the owner of Bake my Day. Ynja has always been business minded, and started selling her paintings at age 11. Recently she has developed a huge passion for luxurious cakes, both inside and out.

Sunna Líf

Sunna Líf is our customer manager, she takes care of customer support and andswers daily emails and phonecalls. She is also the one to take care of our wedding meetings with upcoming wedding couples. She has a big passion and experience in customer service, and loves to be able to provide our customers with what they need. She is also a professional singer, and in the future wants to be a singing teacher.


Ester is Ynja's co-owner, and mother. She is a children psychologist by profession, and works and lives in Iceland. She is a true super woman who always has her hands full. All the way from Iceland, she takes care of our finances, while having her own psychology firm as well. Together with her soon-to-be husband, Ester has 8 kids! Well she only carried 4 of them herself, but you can imagine the craziness!


Aziz is a super talented cake decorator, and he comes all the way from Azerbaijan. He is an educated ceramic artist, which helps him to make most of our 3d decorations and figurines. Aziz has worked as a cake decorator in Baku before coming to Copenhagen, where he developed mad skills in cake design, color palettes, and sugar techniques. He is such a sweet soul, and always ready to help


This is our queen of buttercream cakes! She comes rom Lithuania and lives in Køge with her husband. She is a master of beautiful and minimalistic buttercream cakes, and not to forget that she's the one who makes our delicious cupcakes every morning at 7:30. Aistė plans our time and orders in the beginning of the week and makes sure that we got all the details right before starting the process of making the cakes ..


Art Director, the Head of Creative for the graphic world. She works with the visual identity, branding, communication and marketing