Matching cake table

Matching cake table

Put your trust in us - and save both time and money.


Doesn't it take too long to design a cake table for your party? Maybe it'll be too expensive and complicated?


We have the solution and you can now get all your desserts for your cake table in just 5 minutes! You don't need think about what cake to order or how many maccarons that you need. Our expert bakers and confectioners will choose a variety of different delicious flavours for your cake table. If you have one flavour that you simply just adore, just tell us and we'll see if can't include it.

It is not possible to order extra designs or chance the amount of each dessert. We keep it simple, so it's easier for you to make the decision and it allows to push the price down a bit.


The cakes in these packages er typically covered with buttercream and we will create a beautiful cake and set of desserts based on your chosen theme and character of your event.

Please be aware that 3D decorations are not included in this offer - we will decorate the cake in a simpler way, e.g. with small flowers, sprinkles, different decorating techniques, gold leaves, dried flowers, drip, marengs etc.


Please also be aware that serving equipment is not included in this offer. The cake will be on a thick piece of cardboard, and all the desserts, including the cake, will be packaged in boxes when you pick them up.


Cake table for around 20 persons:

- 1 cake with 1 tier, 15 servings (Tall cake, 15 cm x 15 cm)

- 20 mini cupcakes

- 10 cakepops

- 12 french maccarons


Normal price: 1590,- dkr

Your price: 1390,- dkr


Cake table for around 30 persons:

- 1 cake with 1 tier, 20 servings (Semi tall cake, 20 cm x 15 cm)

- 30 mini cupcakes

- 10 cupcakes

- 10 cakepops

- 20 french maccarons


Normal price: 2390,- dkr

Your price: 2090,- dkr

Cake table for around 40-50 persons:

- 1 cake with 1 tier, 30 servings (25 cm x 15 cm)

- 40 mini cupcakes

- 15 cupcakes

- 20 cakepops

- 20 french maccarons


Normal price: 3450,- dkr

Your price: 2990,- dkr


Cake table for around 50-70 persons:

- 1 cake with 2 tiers, 40 servings

- 50 mini cupcakes

- 25 cupcakes

- 20 cakepops

- 35 french maccarons


Normal price: 4790,- dkr

Your price: 3999,- dkr

Please be aware that this product must be ordered at least two weeks in advance.


If you want to add donuts to your cake table you can order them separately here:


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